The Necessity of Travel Agency Liability Insurance

The Necessity of Travel Agency Liability Insurance

If you run a travel agency, you have lots of risk that’s unique to your business model.

For example, you might sell some products or services directly to the customer yourself, which can leave you liable if anything goes wrong or the customer isn’t satisfied with what he or she received.

You’re also responsible for training your employees and making sure they don’t provide bad advice or sell bad products or services—in other words, if your employee provides bad information that leads to the customer getting robbed or arrested while on vacation, you could be sued and held liable as well.

Why Do I Need Travel Agency Liability Insurance?

Travel agency liability insurance is what allows you to operate your business smoothly. Without it, you could be held financially responsible for any legal expenses and damages resulting from an incident involving a client or customer, such as medical care for an injury incurred during a trip.

These types of occurrences are common and can lead to costly lawsuits against you and your agency if you’re not prepared for them with travel agency liability insurance.

If a customer files a lawsuit against one of your employees—for example, because they were injured in an accident while hiking or skiing—you won’t be liable if that employee had travel agency liability insurance.

And since you already have coverage through Travelers, you won’t need to purchase additional policies.

What is Travel Agency Insured Mean?

Travel insurance is a form of insurance sold to travelers in order to protect against travel-related mishaps and losses. Travel agency insured means that your package tour is covered under your own personal travel insurance policy, instead of through some other company.

There are both pros and cons associated with travel agency insured. If you have any questions regarding whether or not it’s right for you, then be sure to reach out to a licensed agent! In general, however, we recommend choosing an independent insurer over a third-party one. For more information on when to choose each option, continue reading below!

Who Needs Travel Agent Insurance?

Travel agency liability insurance is something that all travel agents should have, but not everyone realizes it. With consumer trust in travel agents as a whole at an all-time low, many people don’t realize why having insurance is important.

But if you’re running a small business like a travel agency, being covered can be vital for survival—and you never know when someone might decide to sue your company for damages or injury.

When those situations do arise, it’s good to know that you have expert support available—and travel agent liability insurance can help.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Travel Agent’s Insurance?

When do you need travel agency liability insurance? Any time you work with clients who are paying for their own travel.

Even if you only sell airfare and hotels, clients may still want to add tours, rental cars or other services that incur out-of-pocket expenses. If you’re acting as a middleman between customers and outside service providers, make sure to get your own business insurance. You don’t want to be held responsible for another company’s mistakes!

That’s where travel agent liability insurance comes in. It protects your agency against legal claims brought by both customers and outside vendors so your business can focus on booking tickets and helping people have a great trip!

Where Can I Get Travel Agent’s Insurance?

Just like any other business, travel agencies can get sued when they don’t perform to their customers’ expectations. When it comes to travel agencies, though, there are often additional factors that could lead to a lawsuit.

A misstep in booking a flight or hotel could cost you more than just your reputation as an agent; it could cost you your personal assets and, depending on where you live, all of your savings as well.

That’s why travel agents need liability insurance; it protects them against lawsuits in instances when they have erred or performed incorrectly while arranging travel plans for clients.

Why Should I Choose This Company Over Other Companies Offering this Product?

As a travel agent, you should have a variety of questions on your mind about liability insurance: Does it actually help protect me from lawsuits? Will I be fully covered if a client suffers an injury or even passes away during their trip?

What am I paying for in terms of coverage? Do I really need it to protect myself from legal action by clients and what exactly does that mean, anyway? If you’re still unsure whether you really need travel agency liability insurance, take a look at these common concerns and see if they resonate with you.

If they do, keep reading. There is more information below that might clear up some common misconceptions and give you an idea of how much (or little) coverage travel agency liability insurance can provide.

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