The Complete Guide to the Top 10 Car Insurance Providers in Germany

Germany is known for its strict driving regulations and road safety practices. As a result, having car insurance is essential for vehicle ownership in the nation.

With so many car insurance providers in Germany, picking the right one might be challenging. In this article, we’ll be discussing the top 10 car insurance providers in the country, along with an overview of their offerings.


As one of the world’s largest insurance providers, Allianz is a popular choice among German drivers. The company offers comprehensive coverage and excellent customer service, with options ranging from third-party liability to premium comprehensive insurance policies.

Allianz’s website also features helpful online tools for calculating premiums and submitting claims.

HDI Global

Another leading global insurer, HDI Global, is well-established in the German market. Motorists can choose from a range of insurance products at competitive rates, such as third-party liability, partial comprehensive, or full comprehensive coverage.

Additionally, HDI Global also offers special coverage for electric and hybrid vehicles.


With strong financial stability, AXA is one of the top car insurance providers in Germany. The company offers tailored car insurance plans to suit individual needs, including policies specifically designed for young drivers, families, and environmentally-conscious drivers.

AXA is also known for its innovative offerings, such as the AXA Drive app, which provides discounts for safe driving habits.


As one of the largest car insurers in Germany, HUK-Coburg offers various insurance policies at competitive rates. Some of their popular offerings include classic car insurance, short-term coverage, and electric vehicle insurance.

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Their online resources and customer support are also highly praised by customers.


Württembergische is a highly rated insurance provider that stands out for its personalized customer service.

The company is popular among German drivers for its extensive range of car insurance options, including classic car policies and insurance for novice drivers.


DEVK is another popular choice among German drivers, with over 100 years of experience in the industry. The company offers budget-friendly car insurance policies, with options for third-party liability, partial comprehensive, and full comprehensive coverage.

DEVK has a reputation for excellent customer service and quick claims processing times.


CosmosDirekt is Germany’s leading online insurance provider, making it an attractive option for those seeking a quick and convenient insurance experience.

With customizable insurance policies and competitive rates, the company has built a reputation for providing a reliable and straightforward online car insurance solution.

VHV Allgemeine

VHV Allgemeine is a highly-regarded car insurance provider in Germany, known for its tailored insurance solutions designed to meet the specific needs of each customer.

The company offers comprehensive coverage options and a wide range of additional benefits. VHV Allgemeine is known for its excellent customer satisfaction.


In Germany, ERGO is a reputable insurer which offers a wide range of insurance options, from third-party liability to comprehensive coverage.

They have a sizable following in Germany and are well-known for offering affordable rates and dependable assistance to customers.


SIGNAL IDUNA is a popular insurance provider that focuses on the needs of private individuals and small businesses.

Their car insurance options range from basic third-party liability policies to comprehensive coverage that includes numerous additional benefits, such as breakdown assistance and rental car services.

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Germany has no shortage of car insurance providers, each offering various coverage options and rates.

It’s essential to take into consideration elements like pricing, client satisfaction, and the range of insurance options offered when selecting a provider.

The top 10 car insurance providers mentioned above are a great starting point for finding the ideal car insurance solution in Germany.